117 New Reviews

Snake Dance [12] ***
Duke Galaxy and the Pipeliners
Duke Galaxy and the Pipeliners [7] ***
Paul Galaxy and the Galactix
Cross The Line [CD] ****
Galaxy Trio
Cocktails With Gravity Girl c/w Hot Link [7] **
In The Harem [CD] ***
Saucers Over Vegas [CD] ***
Sheriff Boy-R-Dee c/w Abduction At Cowboy Dodge [7] ***
Rick Gale and the Surf Riders
Let's Go Surfin' [CD] ***
Gallon Drunk
Tonight...The Singles Bar [CD] ***
Girl On A Motorcycle [CD] ****
Gangsta's Paradise
Paradise Of A Gangster [MP3]
My Funny Valentine / Come With Me To The Casbah [7] ***
Ganimian and his Oriental Music: Come With Me To The Casbah [12] ***
Garage Sale
Pointless Summer [CD] ***
Al Garcia
Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings [CD] ****
La Shereefa [CD-R] ****
Sonido Do La Frontera [CD-R] ****
Pura Veneta [CD] ****
Tanger Hotel [CD] ****
Los Gatos Salvajes
Los Gatos Salvajes [CD] **
Danny Gatton
Hot Rod Guitar [CD] ***
Gazoline 69
Reveille L'essence [CD] ****
Gein and the Graverobbers
Hang Ten with Gein and the Graverobbers [CD] ***
Humanoids From The Deep [CD-R] ***
Humanoids From The Deep [7] ***
The Passion Of The Anti-Christ [CD] ***
Gein and the Graverobbers
Songs In The Key Of Evil [CD] ***
Part 1 [CD] ****
Stronzo Gelantino and the Boo-Men
Stronzo Gelantino And The Boo-Men [CD] ****
MySpace-GarageBand-SoundClick [MP3] ***
General Bastard
The War On Sissy Rock - 13 Surf Trash Party Hits [CD] ***
The Force Of Gravity c/w Springboard [7] ****
Take It Off c/w Hitch Hiker [7] ***
Corpus Guitars [12] ***
Get Wet
A Day At The Beach [CD] ***
A Day At The Beach [CD-R] ****
Get Wet [CD] ****
Joy Of Man's Desiring [CD-R] ***
Splash! [CD] ****
Ghastly Ones
A Haunting We Will Go-Go [CD] ***
Web Demos [MP3] ***
Demo [MP3] ****
Dracula's Deuce [12] ****
Giant Robots
A Super Robot [7] ***
Introducing The Giant Robots [7] ***
Invasion! [CD] ***
Steve Gibb
ZigZag [CD] ***
Lon Gibby
Fresh Surf [CD] ***
Gift Of Love
Take A Trip c/w Flowers [CD] ****
Girl Trouble
The Track c/w Scorpio 9 [7] ***
Space Age Guitars [CD] ***
From Sea To Ski [12] ***
Glamour Puss
Promo CD [CD-R] ****
Glasgow Tiki Shakers
In Venice [CD] ****
Live in Redondo Beach, California USA [CD-R] ***
Live In Venice 2004 [CD-R] ****
The Tiki Ten [CD-R] ****
Easy Rhythm c/w Haunted By Reputation [7] ***
Hey Little Willie c/w Tambour [7] ***
When You're Smiling c/w Egyptian Nightmare [7] ****
Aventura Sob O Geu [CD] ***
Nas Ondas Do Radio [MP3] ****
Demo Tape [Cassette] ***
The Go Nuts [CD] **
Go! Tsunami
New Wave Order [CD] ***
The Go-Go's [CD3] ***
Their Lips Were Sealed [12] ***
Our Lips Are Sealed [7] ***
Our Lips Are Sealed [7] ***
VII Encontro Anual-Luz de Naves Interglaticas [CD-R] ***
The Goats [CD] ****
Goggle A
Dendeke Rock Combo [CD] ****
Golden Zombies
The 24 Kilate Sound [CD] ***
Atlantis [CD] **
Atmosphere [CD] **
The Goldentones [7] ***
Joe Goldmark
All Hat - No Cattle [CD] ****
Goldmark Round-Up
Steelin' From His Past [CD] ***
Strike c/w Gutterball [7] *****
Live! At The Teenbeat Club in Las Vegas [12] ***
Golf O'Rama
Geluid (Web Demos) [MP3] ****
Good Guys
Sidewalk Surfing [12] ****
Jimmy Gordon
Buzzzzzz c/w Somthin' Else [7] **
Michael Z. Gordon and the Routers
Surf Or Die [MP3] ****
Just Starting To Get Ugly [CD] ****
Grande Bois
Haunted House [CD] ****
Gene Gray and his Stingrays
Surf Bunny c/w Surfer's Mood [7] ****
Surf Bunny c/w Surfer's Mood [7] ****
Tombstone Wax [CD] *****
Wake Up And Smell The Greaseballs [CD] ****
Green Day
Nimrod [CD] **
Shenanigans [CD] *
Green Door
The Green Door [MP3] **
Art Greenhaw, Vatsal Dave, and Neel Bratt
Ghost Riders At Pipeline: Lone Star Sitar Vol. 2 [MP3] ****
Greenwich Alley
Surfin' Roll [CD] ****
Never Mind The Reverb, Here's The Gremmies [MP3] ***
GT Stringer
Boobytrap [CD] ****
Demo [DAT] ***
The Gasser [CD] ****
Sandcrack The Soundtrack [CD] ****
Space Out [CD] *****
Tsunami [DAT] ****
Up Periscope [CD] ****
Guana Batz
Held Down At Last [12] ***
Vince Guaraldi
Oh Good Grief! [CD] ***
Guess Who
Shakin' All Over [CD] ****
Guitar Ramblers
Happy Youthful New Sounds Of The Guitar Ramblers [12] *
Surf Beat c/w El Torito [7] ***
Les Guitares de L'Enfer
Enferologie c/w Horizon [7] **
Romanza c/w Tourne La Page [7] **
Gulag Tunes
Love Melodies [CD] ****
Surf Instro Versions Of Russian Traditional Jailhouse Songs [CD] ****
Surf Instro Versions Of Russian Traditional Jailhouse Songs 2 [CD] ****
Chris Brian Gussa
Full Moon Over Cancun (A Surf Mambo Guitar Experience) [CD] ***
Gym All-Stars
Music for Sports: Surfing [MP3] *
Rocking With The Renees [12] ***
Rocking With The Renees [CD] ***