64 A Reviews

Davie Allan
Fuzz For The Holidays [CD] *****
Davie Allan
Fuzz For The Holidays 2 [CD] *****
Davie Allan
Stoked On Christmas c/w Flashback [7] ****
Davie Allan
Stoked On Christmas c/w Flashback [7] ****
Aqua Velvets
A Silky Christmas [Cassette] *****
Aqua Velvets
A Very Velvet Christmas [CD-R] *****
Aqua Velvets
Christmas Single [CD-R] *****
Aqualads Xmas [7] ****
Aqualads Xmas [CD-R] ****
Play Christmas [MP3] ***
It's Christmas, Baby [Why You Wearin' Black?] c/w God Surf Ye Merry Gentlemen [7] ***
Then and Now [CD] ***
Big Boy Pete and Hilton Valentine
Merry Skifflemas! [CD] ***
Blue Hawaiians
Christmas On Big Island [CD] ****
Captain Twang
Rock'n Surfin Christmas [MP3] ****
Cowabunga Christmas [CD] **
The Deadlies Do Christmas [CD] ****
Death Valley
Apollo XIII Plus [DAT] ****
Death Valley [DAT] ****
Silent Night c/w Little Drummer Boy [12] ****
A Surf 'n' Swing Fret 'n' String Christmas [CD] ***
ELF (An Ensemble Of Lonesome Fellas)
Homeless For The Holidays [CD] ****
Escape Velocity
Merry Christmas [CD] ****
Rudy [CD-R] ****
Ruin X-Mas! [Cassette] ****
Los Jets
Christmas In July [CD] ****
Please Mr. Santa Claus [CD] ***
Paul Johnson
Christmas Guitars [CD] ****
Malibooz Yule - A Malibu Kind Of Christmas [CD] ****
It's Still Christmas, Vol. 1 (Music From The Melen Patch) [CD-R] ***
Mermen Xmas '95 [CD-R] *****
Sing Merry Christmas To You [Cassette] *****
Phil The Tremolo King
Christmas Day [CD] *
A Toolbox Christmas [CD] ****
Pollo Del Mar
XMas2K4U [CD] *****
The X-mas Album [CD-R] ***
A Surfin' Christmas [CD] ***
A Surfin' X-mas [CD-R] ***
Rumbles Limited
The Wildest Christmas c/w Santa Claus Is Coming To Town [7] ***
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
In Bob We Trust [Cassette] ***
Saturday's Children
Christmas Sounds c/w Deck Five [7] ****
Sound Bytes
Have A Rockin' Merry Christmas [CD] ***
A Stingrays Christmas [CD-R] ***
Los Straitjackets
A Marshmallow World / Sleigh Ride [7] ****
A Marshmallow World / Sleigh Ride / Outta Gear [CD] ****
'Tis The Season For Los Straitjackets [CD] ****
Yuletide Beat [CD] ****
Bon Nadal I Surfer 2003 [CD-R] ****
Santa's Gone Surfin' [7] ***
Tiki Tiki Bamboooos
Aloha Christmas [CD] ****
Santa's Gonna Shut 'Em Down c/w Santa's Midnight Run [7] ****
Urban Surf Kings
Snowman Rumble [CD] *****
Have Yourself A 'Vara' Merry Christmas [CD] *****
Christmas Album [CD] **
Wave Benders
Surfin' Christmas [CD] **
I'm Dreaming Of The Weisstronauts Christmas [CD] ***
Various Artists
All Year Party [12] ***
Happy Birthday Baby Jesus [10] **
Humunga Cowabunga [Xmas Excerpt] [CD-R] *****
Merry X-mas Dammit from the Double Down Saloon [CD] ***
Rockin' Christmas - The 60's [12] ***
Rockin' Little Christmas [CD] ***
Seasonal Favorites [CD] ****
Seasonal Favorites Volume 3 [CD] ****