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Bruno and his Brunos - Too Much Chianti c/w Midnight Sundotdot
artworkThis odd 45 has a semi-surfable a-side and a very cheesy b-side. Given the label and band names, I thought perhaps it was related to Bruno and the Gladiators, but it sure does sound more like a Greek pop instro.
Picks: Too Much Chianti, Midnight Sun

Track by Track Review

Too Much Chianti dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Surf guitar play atop a relatively light rock backing, with echoed hand claps and hollers. "Too Much Chianti" is a very playful intro that's more or less a cross between surf and Duane Eddy and pop. You might find some similarities with "Too Much Tequila." A fun little track.

Midnight Sun dot
MOR (Instrumental)

"Midnight Sun" is really cheesy, with chorus and a space age bachelor sound. Entirely dismissible.