Rake and the Surftones (Studio City, California)
The Ramblin' Ambassadors (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
The Raouls (Maroubra, New South Wales, Australia)
The Rapiers (UK England)
The Rattlesnakes (Russia)
Los Rauncheros (Austin, Texas)
The Raybeats (New York, New York)
Razorblades (Germany)
The Razorblades (Germany)
Reach Around Rodeo Clowns (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
The Reckless Reefers (Long Beach, California)
The Red Elvises (Russia)
Red Guitars (Canada)
Reef Rider (Belgium)
Los Relampagos (Spain)
The Reluctant Aquanauts (Chicago, Illinois)
Reno (Canada)
Retrofoguetes (Brazil)
The Retroliners
The Revels (San Luis Obispo, California)
The Reventlos (Costa Mesa, California)
The Reverbburritos
Reverberockets (La Paloma, Uruguay)
The Reverb Rockets (Richmond, Virginia)
The Reverbs (Hillsborough, California)
Steve Reverb and the Sound-Tones (Chicago, Illinois)
The Reverburritos (Little Rock, Arkansas)
Annot Rhul (Norway)
RIAA (North Hollywood, California)
The Kurt Ribak Band
The Rip Chords
Ripcord (Adelaide, Australia)
The Ripp Tides (Newport Beach, California)
The RiP-TiDEs! (Hillsborough, California)
The Riptides (Santa Monica, California)
Rita Hayride (Baltimore, Maryland)
Robert and the Roboters (Dresden, Germany)
Rock-A-Hulas (Cediera, Spain)
The Rockets (New York)
The Romans (San Fernando Valley, California)
The Strange Dave Rosenberg Band (New York)
Rick Rossano (West Palm Beach, Florida)
Route 66 Killers (Flagstaff, Arizona)
The Royal Fingers (Japan)
The RoyalTones
Ruthie and the Wranglers (Takoma Park, Maryland)
The Ryders (Sweden)