Laika and the Cosmonauts (Helsinki, Finland)
Ronnie Lake and the Men of Iioto (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
The Langhorns (Sweden)
Laser-Attack (Germany)
The Lava Rats (San Francisco, California)
Lawndale (Lawndale, California)
Rick Lawndale Band (Lawndale, California)
Lazy Boy (Brooklyn, New York)
Lenny and the Star Chiefs (Eastford, Connecticut)
Os Limbonautas (Brazil)
The Lively Ones (Los Angeles, California)
Lombego Surfers (Basel, Switzerland)
The Lonely Knights (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Longboard Ranch (California)
The Longboards (Spain)
The Longhorn Devils (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Jerry Lordan
Lost Acapulco (Mexico City, Mexico)
Lost Lake (San Francisco, California)
The Low Tides (San Antonio, Texas)
The Lucky Cupids (Slovenia)
The Lunatics (Finland)
The Lunatones (Vandersborg, Sweden)