Los Ibericos (Spain)
Identity Crisis (Half Moon Bay, California)
The Illusions (California)
The Impacts (Grover Beach, California)
The Imperials (California)
The Imperial Surfers (Spain)
The Incredible Sucking Spongies (Antwerp, Belgium)
Os Incrriveis (Uruguay)
The Index (Michigan)
The Infernos (NY) (Staten Island, New York)
The Infrareds (Pacific Grove, California)
The Insect Surfers (Los Angeles, California)
Inspector 23 (Olympia, Washington)
The Interceptors (Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK England)
The Invaders
The Invisible Surfers (Athens, Greece)
Los Iracundos (Argentina)
The Irreversible Slacks (New York City, New York)
I Serf (Italy)
Island Uprising (Lansing, Michigan)
The Isotopes (Rochester, New York)