F/i [Fuhrers Incognito] (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Os Fabulosos Freak Brothers (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
The Fabulous Nomads (California)
The Fabulous Planktones (Glendale, California)
The Fabulous Woodies (Vista, California)
Merrell Fankhauser (Grover Beach, California)
Fantastic 3 (France)
The Fantastic Baggies
Los Fantasticos (UK England)
I Fantomatici (Italy)
The Faraons (Italy)
The Fat Man and Team Fat (Austin, Texas)
The Fender IV (Laguna Niguel, California)
Fez (Mobile, Alabama)
Fifty Foot Combo (Gent, Belgium)
The Fin-Dicators (Dunellen, New Jersey)
The Fireballs (Raton, New Mexico)
Fisherman's Vibraphonic Trio (New York City, New York)
The Five Outsiders (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Los Flamingos (Spain)
The Flat Duo Jets (Chapel Hills, North Carolina)
The Flying Padovani's (Corsica, France)
Foundry (Seattle, Washington)
Frank's Guitar Junkpile (San Francisco, California)
Friends of Dean Martinez