Daddy A Go Go (Atlanta, Georgia)
Daikaiju (Huntsville, Alabama)
Dick Dale (Twenty Nine Palms, California)
Dick Dale and his Del-tones (California)
Dalek Beach Party (West Yorkshire, UK England)
Da Monz (Half Moon Bay, California)
Dave and the Customerz (San Francisco, California)
Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos (Sienna, Italy)
The Deacons (Hanwell, New Brunswick, Canada)
The Deadcats (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Dead Man's Curve (UK England)
Dead Men Don't Surf (Malibu)
The Deep End (Seattle, Washington)
Dee Rangers (Stockholm, Sweden)
The Defiant Ones (Los Angeles, California)
The Del Mars (San Francisco, California)
Del Noah and the Mt. Ararat Finks (Long Beach, California)
The Del Valentinos (Belgium)
The Demonics (Pacifica, California)
The Deoras (Encino, California)
Derry and the Gamblers (Canada)
Destination: Earth (Indianapolis, Indiana)
The Detonators (California)
The Devons (Holland) (Woerden, The Netherlands)
The Di Maggio Connection (Italy)
The Diamondheads (Baltimore, Maryland)
Deke Dickerson (California)
The Diegos
The Dillengers (West Palm Beach, Florida)
The Dininished Men (Seattle, Washington)
Dino, Desperate and Chili (Half Moon Bay, California)
Dirk Doom and the Overdrive Orchestra (London, Ontario, Canada)
Disgraceland (Half Moon Bay, California)
Django Twango (Seattle, Washington)
Dr. Frankenstein (Carnaxide, Portugal)
Dr. Reverb (Tilburc, The Netherlands)
Dr. Tasty
Jonnie Dog and the Dingos (New Jersey)
Di Dolari (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Double Naught Spy Car (California)
Leanne Douglas (Tennessee)
The Dragsters (Hayward, California)
Drifting Sand (San Mateo, California)
Dr Zaius and the Chimps
The Dunlop Devils (Belgium)
The Duo-Tones (Carlsbad, California)
The Dynamic Subarashii
The Dynotones (Orange, California)