The Cadillac Hitmen (Greenland, New Hampshire)
The California Girls
Camp O.J. (Winona, Minnesota)
The Cannibals (Sweden)
Captain Bigwheel (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Al Casey
Cashmere Jungle Lords (Richmond, Virginia)
Category5 (Nashville, Tennessee)
Cave Fish (Fort Pierce, Florida)
The Cave 4 (Soligen, Germany)
Los Cavernarios
The Centurions (San Luis Obispo, California)
Certain Words (San Jose, California)
The Challengers (Carlsbad, California)
The Chantays (Dana Point, California)
The Charades (Jarvenpaa, Finland)
Simon Chardiet
Cheesy Vernix (Baltimore, Maryland)
The Chief Firewater Surfband (Lake Elsinore, California)
The C(h)oral Dukes (Fresno, California)
Yiannis Chronopoulos and the Spartans (Santa Cruz, California)
Chum (Manhattan Beach, California)
The Clams (Sommerville, Massachusetts)
The Closet Surfers (Anaheim, California)
Clouseaux (Luxopolis, Texas)
Los Cobras (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
The Cocktail Preachers (Hammond, Indiana)
The Coffin Daggers (New York)
Colonel Klink (Washington, DC)
The Come Arounds (Boston, Massachusetts)
Commando (Germany)
The Concussions (Michigan)
The Copper Tones (San Francisco, California)
Miles Corbin (Fairfax, California)
Los Coronas (Madrid, Spain)
The Corsairs (Santa Rosa, California)
The Cosmic Vampires (Roquetas de Mar, Spain)
Cosmogringos (Trieste, Italy)
I Cosmonauti (Rome, Italy)
Counterpoint (UK England)
Crashmen (Milano, Italy)
The Creepniks
The Crimson Ghosts (Massachusetts)
The Cript Kicker Five (Burlington, Vermont)
The Crossfires (Los Angeles, California)
The Cruncher (Germany)
Crystal Forest (Seattle, Washington)
The Cult Ceavers
Cutback (Florida)
Cyclones (Sweden)