The Surfin'ary
A Dictionary Of Surfing Terms and Surfspeak
By Trevor Craile
surfinary Author Trevor Craile has done what seemed impossible. He has assemble an extensive and scholarly compendium of language of surfing and the surf culture. Just the list wrapping the pix on the cover is enough to entice even the most landlocked reverbhead.

trevor craille Cowabunga, stokaboka, barrelled, twinnie, da kine, troppo, gyro, amped, sharky, way rad, grommet, flailer, geeklified, zooed out, hotties, green room, kookster, doggies, frogskins, aggro, and valley sheep all bring tears to the eyes, or maybe that's an itch to the inner ear. No matter, this is an amazing adventure in the lingo of the life about surf music swirls.

You'll finally be able to understand all those song titles, and while you're at it, understand the roots from which sprang that stereotypical valley girl jargon.

200 pages of words, background, history, cartoons, photos, and explanations, constructed like a dictionary to be read instead of merely consulted.

Now, I know you always wanted to talk cool at those department meetings, and this is just the book to enhance your already sizeable vocabulary. Imagine being able to convert mundanespeak into surfspeak. "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen" becomes "gnarlatious nooner gitches and bros." Of course, that's not exactly a literal translation, and some among your clan may give you the boot if they get all of it, but still it's gotta be fun to utter at least once.

Never agin will you have to rely on tried and true catch words like "yikes" and "swell." You're in the know now, bra.