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Reverb Radio is presented as a service of Reverb Central solely to promote instrumental surf music.
It is an ASCAP free zone.

  1. Surf's Up
    My theme, featuring the voice of John Blair
  2. The Starfires - Hand Full Of Blood
    An Illinois label issued this. There are behind the bridge fills, tribal drums, eerie guitar leads, and a cool rhythmic second guitar. A fine track, exotic and most unusual.
  3. The Surf Coasters - Dreams
    This is probably my favorite Surf Coasters track. It is infectious, melodic, powerful, and the intentional compressor breathing adds an element of primitively to an otherwise pristine track. The edge and beauty are unmistakable.
  4. Surf Report - Naugahyde
    Naugahyde is just a perfect surf tune. It speaks of open coastal road drives along cliffs overlooking the Pacific. The riffs and embellishments are just plain wonderful. While it is not exactly whistle-able, it really sticks in the memory banks. It's infectious and powerful. Even the false start is perfectly enjoyable. For my money, this is Surf Report's best track ever.
  5. Ronny Kae & The Saints - Swimming Drums
    Two-note muted reverb rhythm brings on the surf, and a dark surf melody strikes out for storm-generated gray-green break. Much more dark and surfy than their other singles. The illusiveRonnie Kae and the Saints cut this instro for release on Band Box 362.
  6. Les Sunburst - Plage Avenue
    My goodness, what a grand instrumental. the chords just sparkle as the melody flows like water. Plage Avenue is a super instro with a compelling structure. Even the slightly stilted midesction is curiously engaging. Slwish, gentle, and very aquatic. I love this song!
  7. Da Surfones - Mar i Morena
    "La Mar i Morena" sports an interesting blend of sounds and exotic snare with very heavy surf reverb and thundering bass. Very heavy and rhythmic, and attractive in a demanding kinda way. Really unique and modern use of the trad form. Great and frequent glissandos, and plenty of changes! "La Mar i Morena" is based in a traditional Spanish Xmas song. The translation means something like "The sea and the Black-Haired Girl". The unique introduction is done with a zambomba (a traditional Spanish Christmas instrument) plus a liquor ragged bottle and a wooden stick!
  8. The Verbtones - Les Berrelles
    "Les Barrelles" is a slowish song with great damped-reverbed rhythm guitar and a distant lead playing a haunting melody line. A fine instro with an ominous edge and chunkiness.
  9. The Star Tones - The Chase
    Echoed guitar driving sideways on the Road Runners' "Quasimodo." So, the question is, which came first? This is a very interesting arrangement. It loses none of the charm, and because it's morphed so much, it has a fresh feel despite it's obvious cover roots. Originally issued on Band Box 354.
  10. Steve Soest - El Sleazo Chorizo
    This reggae based thing uses a melody line reminiscent of "Don't Fear The Reaper," but not derivative of it. It's infectious, way fun, and just quirky enough to capture your heart. Totally in the groove, and imaginative. Original concepts, surfed to the luau max.
  11. The Misty Knights - Misty Nights)
    Tribal drums, heavy surf guitar, and a mean sound characterize this evil 1963 surf monster from Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's thundering, surfy, rolling, and ominous to the max. A simple effective dark surf rave.
  12. Bob Vaught & The Renegaids - Bo Gator
    One of the more obscure tracks from Bob Vaught and the Renegaids, this strongly Bo Diddley influenced track rocks and pumps! Great sax lines and Bob Vaught's classic grodie guitar.
  13. Bobby Wayne - Torquila
    Bobby Wayne based this on The Champs' "Tequila" and the Fireballs' "Torquay." The influence of both are apparent in the song, yet "Torquila" ends up being very original. It's low energy, low key sound is somehow exciting.
  14. Die Sputniks - Spanish Gypsy Dance
    East German band Die Sputniks play this Cossack ballad with shine and joy. It's pretty spiffy. The rhythm is infectious and the melody wonderfully warm. Invoking images of village dances, this plays on the senses like the shadows cast from an open fire.
  15. The Surf Piranhas - Attleboro Surf
    Another completely infectious number from this most inventive and curious band. The glissandoes that open the track crash down, then reverse to rise, then down and back up again... really cool! A great infectious surf track that is so melodic it nearly speaks to you, as if the guitar were actually singing lyrics! Amazing track!
  16. Jackie Yoshikawa & Blue Comets - Sentimental Guitar
    This is a very nice track, and was also done by Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans, japan's most successful eleki band. Interestingly enough, there are a series of clicks in the first verse that sound like vinyl noise.
  17. Jay Bee & The Kats - Tension
    Somewhat in the style of the Titans, "Tension" is a rolling infectious and quickly picked number with major draw. Thin guitar tone, but with rapid fire notes and that classic midwest surf twang, plus great rolling tom toms.
  18. Sprayface - Pipedream
    Tribal drums echo with jungle danger. As they come to a stop, a lonely guitar delivers a "Pipeline"-esq rhythm. The main melody line is more hypnotic than melodic, and on the hard rock side. "Pipedream" is oddly compelling.
  19. Jim Waller & The Deltas - Exotic
    It's interesting to hear Jim Waller's luau lounge interpretation of the mariachi arrangement of this Pachuko Soul classic. It's very cool, and when compared to modern, or even vintage lounge, it's unsurpassed in campy cheese wonderment. A very enjoyable fun track, with wood blocks banging away, and a real Central Valley swing going.
  20. Kai Winding featuring Kenny Burrell - Surf Bird
    A slightly western feel here, with a modern rock tone and melody line. Enough twang to fit into a spaghetti western set.
  21. Los Vengadores - Pagoda
    Dark bass underpins a garage surf number with muted lead lines. It's gentle at times, and edgy at others. This is a catchy number.
  22. Los Weelers - Yerba Verde
    Cool drums bump and thump under the vibrato shimmer of the surf guitar. It's a cover of a light weight pop song from the late fifties or early sixties that I can't place (maybe Anita Bryant?). Highly infectious and melodic, "Yerba Verde" sways with liquid reverb charm and great drums. Completely fun.
  23. Los Yabbadabbadoos - Surfing Lila
    This is a heavy rhythmic number with te kind of intensity that The Detonators are capable of. Intense twang, angular tone, and a spaghetti meets surf feeling. Rockin' cool!
  24. Harlow Wilcox & The Oakies - Groovy Grubworm
    This is a bouncy country gimmick hit, with great damped guitar lines and a catchy riff. Entirely cool, like something that Buck Owens or Dave Myers could have made great. A very fun track.
  25. Marrell's Marauders - The Marauder
    No relation at all to the band on the previous track, or the Sacramento band, Marrell's Marauders were from Madison, Wisconsin. They morphed their name from the Marauders after realizing how many other bands used the same name. In 1964, two years after forming, they cut "The Marauder" as the B-side to their "I Wanna Do It" single. It's a riffy fast and infectious Midwest charmer with tribal drums and warm guitar tone not unlike the Furys. A raspy sax fills out the break with raging guitar glissandoes underneath. Pretty tuff.
  26. Stairway To The Stars - Dry Run
    No, it's not going to be like a great precursor to "Stairway To Heaven." After all, that was Spirit's "Elijah." The Stairway To The Stars use a chorded sound with psychedelic guitar lead, playing a surf structure that is essentially The Vistas' "No Return." Very interesting track.

Reverb Radio is presented as a service of Reverb Central solely to promote instrumental surf music. It is an ASCAP free zone . ASCAP wanst me to pay them $288 per year for the priviledge of promoting one or two of their songs, rather than recognizing that songs unheard are songs that don't get bought.

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